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Film Thickness Measurement

Method Principles
  Schematic Gauge Setup
  Example: Lacquer  Coatings
  Example: Vapor Deposition
  Example: Webcoater




Film Thickness Measurement on Web Coating Machines

The film thickness profiles of web produced or coated foils can be determined in cross- and/or machine-direction by using a scanning bridge and our TranSpec film thickness gauges. This permits an intermediate feedback for your process and production control.

Film Thickness Measurement with Scanning Bridge

The picture above shows the schematic gauge setup for film thickness measurement on a web coating or foil machine. The actual sensor (the fiber optics cable or Y light guide) is mounted on a linear motion bridge and continuously moved forwards and backwards in cross-direction to the coating machine. The photo below shows such a linear motion bridge with stepping motor and mounted fiber optics light guide.

Linear Motion Bridge with Fiber Optics Cable
Scanning bridge with motor controller and fiber optics cable attached