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TranSpec Spectrometer

The TranSpec spectrometer instruments combine most innovative opto-electronics with powerful analog/digital electronics and the newest computer technology. With the use of flexible optical fibers, TranSpec's application area ranges from standard routine laboratory analysis to special tasks in the in-line process measuring technique.

High-stable photodiode array spectrometer with standard FSMA fiber optics connection

1 MHz 16 bits analog/digital-converter with spurious-free dynamic range

Available with different Spectrometer Modules for UV...NIR spectral range

Optionally integrated halogen or combined deuterium/halogen spectral lamp

Entirely "Made in Germany"

No moveable parts - no re-calibration - free of maintenance

Connects to standard USB or optionally to Ethernet / LAN

Programming libraries for developing own applications available

The picture shows a TranSpec spectrometer in standard 19-inch chassis, for example as used for Plasma Emission Measurement.

Product information:

TranSpec photodiode array spectrometer

This TranSpec process spectrometer is assembled with a spectral lamp, as used for Film Thickness Measurement.

Product information:

TranSpec process spectrometer